Heels Over Head

Yesterday in our YTT we did an in-depth workshop on inversions – headstands, handstandsshoulder-stands  their variations, and the many ways to get into each.

Having only recently mastered the art of getting upside down in a headstand (and still against the wall), it was a very exciting  workshop! Once everyone got over the “fear of the fall” or their fears of being inverted, it was amazing to see people popping up into headstands and handstands on the fly, testing the waters by trying to move away from the wall, and some people even trying new tricks in their inversions (walking handstand, scorpion, etc). While I can get into headstand and handstand without an assist (the latter less gracefully than the former), I still have yet to master coming off of the wall. There is a lot of core work and upper arm strength to these poses, so that is my current goal – yogi abs and arms! I was also able to get into an inverted lotus from shoulder stand, a first for me and lots of fun!

How about you? Have you mastered any inversions? Which ones are your favourites?

Light, love, and namaste.
xo LT

Post Note: That is not me in the photo – photo is reblogged from http://yoga-beautiful.tumblr.com/post/21717904055)


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