Again. Again. Again.

This happened. This is happening. This will happen again.

Every day WE are asking – did this really just happen AGAIN? WHY is this STILL happening? It is time for CHANGE.

There has been a lot of commentary lately. Some constructive, some not. At the end of it, I ask myself – why are WE divided on this? WHY?

WE are ONE people. WE are born, WE will die. WE are ALL made up of the same fundamental life blocks. WE are cells. WE are blood and bones.
WE are heart.

What is skin colour? What is religion? What is “gender”? What is sexual preference?

WHY do we choose to divide ourselves?
WHY are we so afraid of “otherness”?
WE are not “other”.
WE are the same.


WE are one. WE are POWER in numbers and POWER in voice. WE are strength, WE are not fear.
If YOUR voice needs OURS, WE will lend it to you.

WE are BROTHERS and SISTERS, ALL OF US. And WE are hurting right now.
When YOU hurt, I hurt.
WE are one.
WE are family. YOU are no different than I.

SHARE with them your strength and your voice.
SUPPORT them if they are hurting.
WE need OUR voice to be ONE.

L O V E E A C H O T H E R.
WE are the same.
LOVE is the answer.
UNITY is the key.



Tonight, I walked home. It has been a new habit of late, a select night each week foregoing the rumbling streetcar.

The temperature, cold enough to justify a sweater, but movement heating the body to the most comfortable degree – just warm enough to break a sweat.

And I took notice. First, unconsciously. And then, with intention.

Of everything.


People. Friends laughing and smiling. Lovers, gently holding hands. Cuddling into nooks perfectly made to hold them. Two people playing tag. Frustrated people, and hurried people. Fancy people, out for a special evening. People deep in reflection. Old people tending their gardens. Bodies. Faces. Each of them as different and exquisite as the last.

Dogs, patiently gazing up at their human companions. Insects twittering away.

Clouds lazily adrift in the sky. Sky without any clouds. The wind, firm and sweet – tumbling the leaves on tree and bush alike. Flowers, gracefully dancing along.

Occasionally reaching a hand up or out to caress the tangible world around. Wood. Stone.

Seeing the texture on every surface.

As I neared home, the Sun beginning its final descent, taking its light with it. The night, unwrapping its blanket of deep blue.

Each foot firmly grounding to the earth with every stride.
A gentle smile, permanently residing.

Tonight was perfect. And imperfect. And everything it should be.


So much good music and good vibes on a dreary Friday – feel the uplift!

The Power Of Yoga Will Set Your Body Free

Irish News Review

Yoga has been around for thousands of years and many schools of yoga have manifested since it has been created.

When the word “yoga” is mentioned, the thought of a contortionist turning themselves into a human knot springs to mind!! With years of practice and dedication, that vision is very plausible. For the rest of us, the goal is just to touch their toes with straight legs. That can be very easily achieved, but it does take time.

To introduce yoga to your daily routine, you must show respect and harmony for your body in order to allow enhanced movement.

With a tense mind, the body will also be tense and rigid. So to relieve any tension, at the beginning of every yoga class everyone centres the mind and the focus is inward. This would be a form of meditation. It leaves the woes of the day at the door…

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21 Love Lessons

21 Love Lessons


If we came into existence out of love, and if we can’t live without love, and if through life we keep running, bumping, crashing into love, time after time, then how is it not one of the most essential courses we should be required to take while growing up?

May these quotes and perspectives of love, deeply resonate with you.

Infinite blessings.